Welcome to the "Jaipur Friendly Villa"......

  • where "Friendly" is the operative word!
  • where you are greeted by warm, friendly and caring hosts without their being over-bearing or intrusive.
  • where you meet the highest levels of hygiene, cleanliness and quality.
  • where you get luxurious comforts and facilities that discerning travellers are used to.
  • where you interact with friends you can genuinely trust, who would gladly engage in conversations on a plethora of topics and questions, and be pleased to assist/guide you (if asked) through your journey in a foreign land.
  • where you have the security and calm to nestle peacefully after a hectic day-out´┐Ż.and wake up in the mornings to the tranquillity of birds singing.
  • where you do not stay in a B&B, but truly your Indian Home!!